Diwata Play Free Bonus:
Earn Big With 6 Offerings

Check out all 6 Diwata Play free bonus offerings! Whether you're a new player or seasoned expert, we've got something for you. We offer sign-up bonus, daily free spins, and a referral rewards, no deposit needed. Make sure you know all the perks available to you at Diwata Play!

6 Diwata Play Bonuses to Claim

There are 6 Diwata Play bonuses to enhance your gambling experience, each rewarding you for engaging with us in different ways. These include 3 Diwata Play free bonus offerings that require no deposit, and 3 Diwata Play extra bonus offerings for making deposits and playing games. Find out how these bonuses can make your gambling better and boost your chances of winning big.

3 Diwata Play Free Bonus Offerings

1. Free Sign Up Bonus

Start playing on Diwata Play with a free 20 PHP bonus when you register via diwataplay88.com. No deposit required! Be quick—this bonus is available on a first-come, first-served basis daily.

2. Daily Log-In Bonus

Make each day on Diwata Play more lucrative simply by logging in. Earn a free spin ticket every day and secure a 100% winning rate with after signing in for 14 consecutive days, with prizes up to 8,888 PHP!

3. Referral Bonus + Commission

Invite friends to sign up using your referral link or code, and earn 20 PHP for each friend who signs up. For every 5 friends you invite, you'll receive an extra 50 PHP. You'll also earn a 1.5% commission from the bets they place.

3 Diwata Play Extra Bonus Offerings

1. Deposit Bonus

Boost your account balance with up to 100,000 PHP deposit bonus! Exclusively for players who sign up through diwataplay88.com.

2. GCash & PayMaya Lucky Angpao Rewards

Making deposits using GCash or PayMaya allows you to earn a random bonus up to 88,888 PHP and get raffle tickets for extra surprises.

3. VIP Rewards

Begin as a Diwata Play VIP at level 0 upon registration and climb up the levels. Higher levels mean better rewards, with the ultimate prize of 5,000,000 PHP awaiting at VIP level 15.

How to Claim Diwata Play Free Bonus Offerings

We've outlined simple steps to claim each free Diwata Play free bonus for your convenience. Follow the instructions below to seize all opportunities to earn more:

Free Sign-Up Bonus

  • Register: Create your account at Diwata Play by signing up on diwataplay88.com.

  • Navigate: Once registered, visit your Personal Center and go to the Reward Center.

  • Redeem: Find your free sign-up bonus code and click the Redeem button to claim your 20 PHP bonus.

Daily Log-In Bonus

  • Navigate: Go to the Reward Center.

  • Sign In to the Task: Log in each day to get a free spin ticket.

  • Spin and Win: Use the spin ticket to spin the wheel and claim your daily prize up to 8,888 PHP.

Referral Bonus + Commissions

  • Invite: Share your referral link or code with friends.

  • Get Referral Bonus: Once your friends use your link to sign up and deposit at least 200 PHP, the bonus will be automatically added to your account balance.

  • Earn from your invitees' bets: As your invited players place bets in games, you earn a 1.5% daily commission.

How to Get Diwata Play Extra Bonus Offerings

Claiming Diwata Play’s extra bonuses is also easy. Here’s how you can access these additional rewards:

Diwataplay88 Deposit Bonus

  • Specific Eligibility: This bonus is available only to those who register through diwataplay88.com.

  • Top-Up: Deposit funds into your account. Make sure you meet the minimum required amount.

  • Claim: Visit the Reward Center, find the promo code, and click the Redeem button to receive your bonus instantly.

GCash & PayMaya Lucky Angpao

  • Deposit Method: Use GCash or PayMaya to add funds to your account.

  • Select Promotion: After entering your deposit amount, select the promotion checkbox below to confirm your participation and qualify for potential rewards.

VIP Level Rewards

  • Bet and Deposit: Increase your VIP level by making deposits and placing bets.

  • Achieve Bonuses: Upon reaching the depositing and betting requirements, you will automatically receive the bonus corresponding to your current VIP level.

Use Diwata Play Bonuses to Play More and Win Big

Ready to take advantage of all the perks Diwata Play has to offer and maximize your winnings? Here’s a quick guide to claiming all the bonuses and getting the most out of your gambling experience:

1.Start by Registering

Sign up at diwataplay88.com and head to the Reward Center to claim your 20 PHP free sign up bonus instantly.

2.Log In Daily

Log in every day and spin the wheel with your daily free spin ticket for a chance to win up to 8,888 PHP.

3.Refer Friends

Use your personal referral link to invite friends. Earn 5 PHP bonuses as they sign up and make a minimum deposit of 200 PHP.

4.Use GCash or PayMaya

Deposit using GCash or PayMaya. Remember to check the promotion box after entering your deposit amount to claim a random bonus.

5.Redeem Promo Codes

Go back to the Reward Center anytime to redeem available promo codes and get your bonuses instantly.

6.Advance in VIP Levels

Continue making deposits and placing bets to increase your VIP level. The higher your level, the bigger the bonuses you'll receive.

Follow these steps to claim Diwata Play free bonus offerings and extend your game time. Start now and see how much you can earn!


  • What happens if I miss a day of logging in?

    If you miss a day of logging in, it will reset your cumulative login days. It’s best to log in consecutively to achieve a 100% winning rate on the 14th day.

  • How do I know which VIP level I'm currently at?

    You can check your current VIP level and in your Personal Center.

  • Can I use bonuses received from one offering to qualify for another offering, like using my deposit bonus to reach a higher VIP level?

    No, the bonuses you receive do not count as your deposit amount. While you can use these bonuses to play games, they do not contribute to meeting the deposit requirements for VIP levels or other deposit-based bonuses.

  • What types of games can I play with my Diwata Play bonuses?

    You can use your bonuses to play all the games offered at Diwata Play, including slots, table games, live dealer games, and many more!