Understand Diwata Play Agent Program and Be Your Own Boss

The Diwata Play agent program is now available to anyone interested in running their own gambling business. This page provides simple instructions on how to join, access your agent account, learn about our commission setup, and understand the differences between regular players and agents.

Check out the role of a Diwata Play agent—it's your first step towards becoming your own boss and creating a profitable business from the comfort of your home.you to reach out to us.

How to Become a Diwata Play Agent and Log In

Becoming a Diwata Play agent is simple, and it’s your key to a new level of earning potential. Here’s how you can get started and access your account

Sign Up as an Agent in 3 Step

A "Welcome to LiveChat" screen displays a message from Diwata Play's customer service representative inviting users to start a chat. An orange speech bubble icon and a blue "Chat now" button are prominent.

Reach Out to Customer Service Team

Contact Diwata Play customer service team and let them know you're interested in becoming an agent. They will provide you with a specific link to sign up for an agent account.

The "Invite friends" page shows an invitation URL and two blue buttons labeled "Share to your friends" and "Copy link." Above the sharing options, a dashboard overview displays today's and yesterday's incomes, as well as the number of new registers and valid invitees.

Sign Up for an Agent Account

Use the link sent by our customer service to register your agent account. For detailed instructions, you may also visit our register page.

The Diwata Play "Register" screen features fields for entering a username, password, confirmation password, and mobile number. At the bottom, a highlighted gold "Register" button is visible.
Become a Diwata Play Agent

Complete the registration form and click the Register button at the bottom. You are now a registered Diwata Play agent and will be logged in automatically!

Diwata Play Agent Login

Screenshot of the Diwata Play App homepage showing the URL 'www.diwataplay88.com,' with download and register options, and a banner promoting the 'Daily Log-In' feature.

Enter the Casino Site or Open the App

To log in, agents can either go to diwataplay88 or open the Diwata Play App

Screenshot of the Diwata Play App login page, displaying options for logging in using a username or SMS, along with fields for entering a username and password.

Enter Your Account Credentials

Enter your registered username and password. Then, click the Log In button.

Screenshot of the Diwata Play App game lobby, showing the jackpot amount and various gaming categories like slots, fish, live, poker, and sports, along with hot games and recent winners.

Log In

By now, you should be successfully logged in to your Diwata Play agent account.

Diwata Play Agent Commission System

Commission Rates

As a Diwata Play Agent, your commission percentage is based on both the number of players you invite and the amount of bets they place each day. It’s simple: the more active players you have and the higher the bets they make, the more you earn.

Agents begin at Level 1. With fewer than 5 active players, they can earn a 1.5% consolidated commission and a 0.5% live commission daily. When they have 5 to 9 active players betting more than 10K daily, agents advance to Level 2. At this level, they can earn a 1.6% consolidated commission and a 0.5% live commission daily.

As agents climb the levels up to level 6, your commission rate increases to 2% consolidated commission and 1% live commission with 100 active players placing daily bets totaling ₱5M. Diwata Play agents’ hard work in building a network of players pays off with real-time commission earnings!

A purple commission chart displays the Diwata Play logo and various commission percentages based on player levels, daily active players, and daily betting amounts. At the bottom, bullet points highlight key features like fast withdrawals, daily payouts, and no handling fees.
Number of Invited Players Bonus Amount
Every Invited Player 20 PHP
Every 5 Players extra 50 PHP

Referral Bonuses

Agents’ the rewards don't stop with commissions. For every new player you introduce who deposits at least ₱200, you’ll earn an extra ₱20. For every group of five players, there's an additional ₱50 waiting for you. These bonuses are a way to thank you for spreading the word and adding to the Diwata Play community.

Differences Between Regular Player and Agent

The main difference lies in the potential earnings from commissions: agents have a higher rate and can increase this rate by expanding their network, while players have a fixed rate with their earnings limited to their invites' valid bets.

Commissions for Agents

Agents have the ability to earn higher commissions. The commission rates ranges from 2% to 3%. This commission is calculated based on the number of players you recruit and their valid bets — the more they play, the more you earn.

Commissions for Players

Regular players also enjoy the benefit of earning commissions at a standard rate of 1.5%. This is a great way for players to earn extra from inviting friends to Diwata Play, but the commission is capped compared to agents.

Be a Part of Diwata Play Agent Program Now

Ready to embrace the agent role? All it takes is following the sign-up and login guide on this page! Begin by reaching out to our customer service team to express your interest and sign up for a Diwata Play agent account, the first steps towards earning more from Diwata Play.

If you feel that being an agent isn't the right fit for you at this time, playing at Diwata Play still offers lucrative perks. As a regular player, you still can earn a 1.5% commission from the bets of the friends you invite. Whether you choose the path of an agent or a player, Diwata Play is committed to making your experience both enjoyable and beneficial.

Take the leap today, be a Diwata Play agent, and unlock your potential as a casino business owner. If you're leaning towards playing for fun, that’s perfectly fine too—there's room for everyone in the Diwata Play community!


  • How to invite friends to sign up and become my downline player?

    First, look for the Registration button if you’re an agent, or the Invite Friends button if you’re a regular player. These buttons are in the menu on your mobile App or on the sidebar on a computer. From there, you can either copy your unique referral link or share your QR code with your friends. They can sign up directly using either method, which will automatically add them to your downline.

  • Are there any targets I need to meet to maintain my agent status?

    No, Diwata Play does not enforce targets for agents. However, your earnings are directly related to the activity of your network, so staying active and engaging with your players can benefit your overall commission.

  • How often are commissions and bonuses paid out to agents?

    Commissions are calculated and paid out daily, while bonuses are credited to your account once your invited players deposit 200 PHP.

  • Is there a limit to how many players I can invite?

    No, there’s no limit to the number of players you can invite as a Diwata Play agent, so we encourage agents to expand their network as much as they can.